Smart Homes & Automation

Smart homes are becoming the norm. Home automation is the next step in technology becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. 

While many try to install smart home products themselves, the truth is that in order for your smart home items to work seamlessly, they need to be installed by a professional. This will ensure that everything is configured properly. 

Servusat’s techs are ready to help you automate your home. We can automate your home with easy-to-use and affordable devices including a smart thermostat, smart lighting control, smart home security, wireless cameras, doorbell cameras, door locks, and much more-all controlled from your smartphone or tablet. 

Additionally, Servusat can professionally install all of the smart home systems you need to communicate over your home’s existing wiring or over wireless signals.

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Hassle -Free Smart Home Installation Professional

Even if you buy your own smart home equipment, it requires some manual setup. Instead of trying to figure out how to synchronize all of your smart home items, let us do the work for you especially if you are not comfortable with configuring networks, wifi's or Bluetooth, or even messing with wires. Our installers are professional IT professionals that will give you the peace of mind you need that everything will work properly.

Working from home may be the norm and we are here to help. If you need your home office to be efficient, energized, and healthy let us automate it. Although remote work may become the norm, there’s a lot of drawbacks such as an increased cybersecurity risk, and employee burnout. Let us make your home computer network efficient and secure, and control the rest of your home right from your phone. 

Cold? No problem, regulate your thermostat right from your phone. Need extra lighting? You can regulate that too.

Creating a space that it’s secure, and promotes productivity will keep your performance and your mental health in check. 

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  • Experience; our smart home installers are actual IT professionals giving you the peace of mind you need. A professional can provide you with the pros and cons of the different brands available for home automation to make the best selection that best fits your needs.
  • Safety & Convenience; many smart products like smart locks, thermostats, security systems, doorbells, and lighting systems require you to physically install the system into the walls, or ceilings. It’s important make sure that you  connect to the appropriate wiring if it’s needed. Also, before you start drilling holes or perhaps swinging the hammer, reach out to a professional. They’ll make sure you don’t break your device, your wall,  or ceiling, and most importantly injure yourself. Have the convenience to save yourself time, money, and a trip to the emergency room.

You do not have to watch hours of YouTube videos trying to figure out how to replace a wired doorbell with ring video. Let us do the wiring for you with one of our smart home installation professionals. We can help you install your ring video doorbell wired hassle-free.

Do not hard wire your ring video doorbell yourself because if you use the wrong screws to secure the Video Doorbell Wired, you could damage the battery during installation, create a fire hazard, and be seriously injured. Contact us to help you.