Terms and Conditions

1.- We are not responsible for parts that don’t work properly with your equipment’s or devices during
the installation or repair service.

2.- We are not responsible for the loss of data and/or information that may be stored in your computers or
electronic devices, (Smart Phones, Tablet’s, Ipad’s, PC’s, etc.)

3.- Estimates are approximate costs.

4.- Customer may approve estimates, parts, and/or services verbally or written.

5.- Servusat, LLC is not responsible for any virus, spyware, malware, and/or any damage the user may
cause in the electronic device(s) or wired or wireless network can speed down your local network

6.- NSF Checks will have a $35.00 charge.

7.- You agree to cooperate in performing such services, such as turning on the electronic device, physical
activities if required, etc.

8.- SERVUSAT, LLC will only perform and provide technical services, design, build, repairs, maintenance,
install, programming, upgrade and consulting on computer network installation services (wire &
wireless), video surveillance systems, audio/video systems, automation systems, access control systems,
cloud phone systems, IT services, as requested by the customer.

9.- SERVUSAT, LLC will be provided 30 days onsite of any Service Limited Warranty.

10.- All CDs, DVD’s, downloaded programs, applications, operating systems, and/or other software
licenses are absolutely and totally provided by the customer.

11.- We may agree on End User License Agreements on your behalf.

12.- We will not be responsible for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, testing, nature, or any other
causes beyond our control.

13.- Our installation schedule is usually booked out from 10 to 15 days. (Servusat, L.L.C allow two weeks)
Once scheduled your job will be completed as quickly as possible, however, we push our technicians for
quality over speed and ask for your patience to complete your system to its fullest functionality. We try
to accommodate our customers preferences for appointment times as much as possible, however late
night or overnight installations may require a surcharge. The installation will be completed within a
reasonable length of time based on the conditions inherent in the premises, weather, and our
installation schedule. Your Lead Installer will contact you directly to introduce himself, answer any of
your questions, and schedule your install. We ask you to please notify us at least 24-hours in advance of
any rescheduling requirements

14.- Servusat, L.L.C provides its equipment and services under the following conditions: Deposit
payments must be paid and cleared before work begins. Non-stock items or back ordered items may
delay completion. Special order items must be paid in advance before items will be ordered. The customer is
responsible for any restrictions of use of any equipment for any application. Customer shall pay the
amount due same installation day

15.- Customer is responsible for posting notice where necessary by law

16.- Be conducting business with Servusat, LLC, client grants permission to utilize jobs performed for
marketing purposes; Servusat, LLC also owns the rights to the pictures and/or videos used of services
rendered in connection to the jobs performed at my residence or place of business. I also release
Servusat, LLC of any claims related to the production, or marketing distribution of multimedia elements
such as pictures and videos used for marketing purposes locally, nationally or across the world.

17.- Other charges may apply, such as time, parts, and/or costs. Even if customer do not continue with
us to Installing your system (This charge is up to a SERVUSAT, LLC’s Representative)

18.- Servusat provide custom installations, logically every installation is completely different. Before we
start installation, customer should read, understand and sign our installation agreement